How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Online in Massachusetts

Buying car coverage online saves overhead and a whole host of other costs, allowing the savings to be passed along to you in the form of lower monthly premium payments. However, simply blindly jumping online and filling out forms like a bull in a china shop won’t really get you the savings you’re looking for.

You need to know how to fill out the forms on the car policy price comparison websites property in order to earn yourself the cheapest car policy in Massachusetts. You also need to fill out the same form on multiple sites and you must input the same information onto all the forms.

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But perhaps we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with a few tips and tricks for getting the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts first – and then we’ll compare prices online in order to get the absolutely best deal possible.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Online in Massachusetts

If you are serious about getting cheap coverage then you need to do your part. By that I mean you need to keep your driving record as clean as possible. Any speeding tickets or other moving violations and you won’t be getting the cheapest possible.

Can you keep your car in a garage at night? Doing so will save you money each month on your insurance.

Carpool to work. The fewer times you have to drive back and forth to work in rush hour traffic every month the less your insurance will cost. Make sure your agent knows you have started carpooling.

If you stop working altogether for any reason let your agent know. It should save you some money each month.

Along those same lines a lot of people are now using public transportation for as many of their “driving” needs as possible, lowering their monthly driving mileage way down. If you can get your monthly driving to below 500 miles per month, talk to your agent about getting a rather substantial Low Mileage Discount.

I’m sure you already know that if you have several different insurance policies you can save money on all of them by consolidating them into one insurance company. This is known as a Multi-Policy Discount.

Some companies offer you a discount if you purchase a steering wheel locking device or other simple anti-theft device. Talk to your agent about these discounts at your insurance company.

Are you paying for collision or comprehensive coverage on an older vehicle that has little or no Kelly Blue Book value? If so you are throwing your money away. Stop it.

In fact, each year your vehicle loses some of its value. Therefore each year you should lower the amount of your collision and comprehensive coverage to match the decline in the value of your vehicle.

Young drivers should stay in school. If young drivers can maintain at least a “B” grade average they can save money every month with a Good Student Discount.

Older drivers – those 55 and older – may qualify to take a special driver’s refresher course. If your company offers this discount it could save you at least 10% per month on your policy.

Can you afford to increase your deductible? Increasing your deductible will lower your monthly payments for immediately, but bear in mind that you will have to come up with your deductible in cash should you ever have a claim – so whatever you do, don’t offer to pay more than you can really afford.

The last step is to get online and find at least 3 of those websites that let you make quick price comparisons between policies from different companies here in Massachusetts.

Fill out the form on a minimum of three of those sites and make certain that you put the exact same information (based on what you learned from this article) into all three forms. This way you are comparing the same coverage policy each time.

Now all that’s left is for you to review the results and choose the lowest-priced policy! That’s it. That’s all there is to getting cheap insurance online in Massachusetts.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Online in Massachusetts

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